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What's your game plan? You want to be the best husband, father, son, friend, mentor, and Man of God you can be, but how do you get there?

Are you tired of sitting on the benches, watching the game from the sidelines, or worse, feeling like you're a spectator in the bleachers? Maybe
you're new to the team, still trying to get to know the team while you figure out the rules and learn the playbook.

Wherever you are in life—forget the 1st Half! This is halftime; the game starts now! It's time to suit up, strap up your laces, and Get in the Game!

The Locker Room is here to help you to finish strong. Our purpose:

 To encourage, equip, and challenge men to live intentional lives, to know who we are in Christ, to actively pursue relationships with God and others, to invest in the lives of those around us, and to finish life well.

Monthly Men's Breakfast: Join us for our Men's Breakfast on the last Saturday of each month (check the bulletin or contact us for changes). We meet from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM in the Student Center on Valley's church campus. We have a hearty (and sometimes healthy!) breakfast, have a time of worship, listen to talks directed to men and men's issues, then discuss how we can apply God's Word to be the best men, husbands, and fathers that we can be for Christ.

The Monday Night Game: Each quarter throughout the year, we meet at on Mondays at 6pm for a 6-week special series specifically designed for men--such as the "33" series from Lifeway--which address men's issues from a man's perspective. We start out with tailgating for the men who can make it (usually burgers, hotdogs, chicken, pizza, chili, tri-tip & other good eats--varies weekly). Look for announcements in the church bulletin, or contact us.

Men's Bible Studies: Gather with other men and dive into God's Word. During the break between Monday night studies, men meet in smaller groups to go into greater detail about what they are learning and how it applies to Kingdom Men in a secular world. 

Men's Retreat: Join us for our annual Men's Retreat! This is a chance to spend time away with other men, to bond, reflect, relax, refresh, have fun, and Man Up! We'll enjoy the redwoods, hear a great guest speaker, play paintball, ride bikes, eat Prime Rib, and grow in our relationship with God and each other. Look for announcements in the bulletin; find us on Facebook; or sign up for our email notices.

For questions or to get detailed information, email